Selected works

Who we are

We are a Vienna based design studio that specializes in interaction design, visual event design, motion and graphic design.
Since our formation in 2007 we work for renowned clients realizing media installations and animations for presentations, exhibitions, corporate and cultural events.

Latest Updates

  • We are setting up with Concept Solutions for the Houskapreis 2014 at Metastadt. Check out the photos on our fb page:

  • We love print products, but creating an interactive book for the TWM "Space" exhibition was a fun challenge: #vvvv

  • The sold out Gasometer in Vienna easily reached the Applause-o-Meter's high score at the @Leftboy concert. #vvvv

  • German speaking followers can read an article on @futurezoneat about our interactive show element for @LEFTBOY #vvvv