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Who we are

We are a Vienna based design studio that specializes in interaction design, visual event design, motion and graphic design.
Since our formation in 2007 we work for renowned clients realizing media installations and animations for presentations, exhibitions, corporate and cultural events.

Latest Updates

  • Our creative director @sunshinegreggae will be joining @Vienna_CM #viecm tomorrow. Wake him up in case he snoozes off on the chair. #failure

  • We've been quiet on twitter lately but our workshop was buzzing. Finishing some "magic" tools for a september event.

  • We are joining today's #creativemornings #viecm nice atmosphere, lots of talking for this time o'day @vienna_cm

  • Yay! 2 bronce lions in cyber for JvM/Donau & "Long Distance Art", a project we helped to bring to live #CannesLions