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Similar Diversity

Data visualization

Data visualization of the Holy Books of the five world religions

As students of Stefan Sagmeister at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, Philipp Steinweber and Strukt’s Andreas Koller worked on the topic “Is it possible to touch someone’s heart with design?”. Together they created an information graphic visualizing the text in the holy books of the five world religions.

Is it possible to touch someone’s heart with design?

In June 2007 the original 7×3-meter (23×10-foot) artwork was exhibited for the first time at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria. It is also shown at the c.stem festival in Milan, Italy, and on the online exhibition, on and Similar Diversity was mentioned in EYE magazine #64 and PAGE magazine 12/2007 as well as in numerous publication on the topic of data visualization.

Details on the project and an explanation of the creative process can be found on The image was created usingvvvv and Processing.

Similar Diversity
The main graphic in Similar Diversity



  • Designers Philipp Steinweber, Andreas Koller
  • Special Thanks Stefan Sagmeister, Birgit Gurtner