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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Mercedes-Benz design:project

Event design

Interactive media installations for the design exhibition and contest inspired by the Mercedes-Benz GLK

Strukt was commissioned by Jung von Matt/relations GmbH from Cologne, Germany, to create visual installations for their Mercedes-Benz The:place event in Stuttgart, which functioned as the showcase of The design:project – inspired by the Mercedes-Benz GLK. This event featured the works of six leading design schools from all over Europe, which were challenged to create design pieces inspired by the brand new GLK. The overall theme of this competition was “the game of form and content”, which was also an inspiration for the visual style of the projections.

Welcome Area

Strukt created 15 animated clips in full HD to welcome the guests to the event. These clips presented design quotes and set them in relation to design elements of the new Mercedes-Benz GLK. To achieve the look of pencil drawing lines, Strukt customized the typeface based on the corporate font of Mercedes-Benz.

Exhibition Visuals

With the node-based programming language vvvv Strukt built a letter-universe which functioned as a soothing ambient visual but also created type-matrix pictures and fonts to feature the participants of The design:project. The real-time animation was screened on a 20 meter wide 3x-HD projection using only one computer to create the output signals. This system was later also used to screen content during the award ceremony. For convenience the letter-universe could be controlled with the help of an iPod Touch.

Party Visuals

To heat up the party after the award ceremony Strukt created a sound-reactive visual application, also based on vvvv and shown with the 3x-HD-projection. The controls for the visuals were handled with a 15-inch Stantum multi-touch screen running a custom made interface.


Additionally we worked together with O.M.A. International, who supported the show with live drawings created using their award winning Tagtool.

As a result of the well-received event in Stuttgart in September 2008, Strukt was also invited to Milan, Italy, where The design:project was also featured in a similar set-up in the beginning of October 2008.


  • Client Mercedes-Benz
  • Agency Jung von Matt/relations GmbH
  • Executive Producer Gregor Hofbauer
  • Creative Director Andreas Koller
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Animators Andreas Koller, Stefan Salcher
  • vvvv Programmer Thomas Hitthaler, David Dessens
  • Font Designer Hannes Siengalewicz
  • Tagtool Artists Matthias Fritz, Markus Dorninger, Thomas Bratzke