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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

EnBW at Hannover Messe

Interactive exhibits

Concept, design and programming of interactive telescopes, interactive flip chart and video wall

At the 2009 Hannover Messe, EnBW presented their vision of an energy efficient future. Commissioned by intuity media lab, Strukt enriched the visitor’s experience with three interactive media installations. Together with intuity, Strukt developed the concepts, design and programming of these installations for the EnBW stand.

Interactive Telescopes

Looking through one of the interactive telescopes, the visitor gets a view into the world of innovative energy concepts. By physically moving the telescope the whole spectrum of EnBW’s actions could be explored. Topics including biogas, biomass, offshore- and onshore-wind parks, photovoltaics and pump storage hydro power plants were accessible via hotspots on the panorama.
The hardware of the interactive telescope was developed by MESO Digital Interiors. All installations were realised with vvvv.

Impulse Board – Interactive flip chart

To explain methods for efficient use of energy in factories, the moderator was supported by an interactive flip chart. The illustrations on the chart were animated and could be triggered by the moderator.

Video Playback Interface

Visitors could select different videos on a touchscreen, which were then shown on the plasma wall.


  • Client EnBW AG
  • Agency Intuity Media Lab GmbH
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • VVVV Programmer Woeishi Lean, Thomas Hitthaler
  • 3D Artist Robi Hammerle
  • Animator Andreas Koller, Michael Seiser
  • Designer Julian Köhn

Additional Credits

  • Photos Strukt / Robi Hammerle
  • Hardware interactive telescopes MESO Digital Interiors