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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Web Ad

Event projections

Concept and design of a multi-projector visual installation with real-time content for IAB

The annual Web Ad is the most important award for online advertisement in Austria. This year the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Austria hosted the event in the Remise in Vienna. The theme of the night was This Is Now, which was picked up by Strukt in production for the visual installations. The projection content was generated in real time and drew online advertising related information from the internet. For the award ceremony Strukt created an interactive stage backdrop that showed visuals in connection to the hosts’ speeches.

Later during the night Strukt’s multi-touch club visual set-up once again lit up the venue with mood setting projections.

The visuals were projected onto a cylinder and the wall using 12 projectors.

Live content and realtime data was featured in the visuals, e.g. number of banner clicks, hamburgers eaten or babies born since the beginning of the event.

Strukt was responsible for the background visuals displayed on the main stage of the event.

The main stage in a closeup.

Styleframes from the visuals generated with vvvv.


  • Client Internet Advertising Bureau
  • Eventkonzept Karin Hammer / Freie Digitale
  • Key Visual Alex Haberfellner / Freie Digitale
  • Creative Director (Visuals) Andreas Koller
  • Programming (Visuals) Julian Köhn, Thomas Hitthaler
  • Photography Gregor Hofbauer
  • AV Solution audiOrama