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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Levi’s Unbuttoned Tour

Live visuals

Live performed club visuals combined with Tagtool drawings for European club tour

For their annual tour through European clubs, Levi’s books outstanding musicians and visual artists.  In 2009 the Levi’s Unbuttoned Tour visited Zurich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and Hamburg, where Busy P and Kavinsky presented their DJ sets while Data and Autokratz played live. The agency Häberlein & Mauerer commissioned Strukt to design the live visuals for the whole tour.

The design concept developed by Tanja Tomic of Strukt combined live cut-out-animation with realtime drawing on the Tagtool. Therefore, the visuals could be designed to fit the overall visual identity of the tour, while opening up endless possibilities for spontaneous creativity inspired by the music. The animators designed landscapes or abstract backgrounds with paper cut-outs live in front of a camera, while the artists on the Tagtool used these elements to tell small stories and create and animate characters.

This technique allowed for diverse styles and millions of possibilities in live storytelling.
The Tagtool artists (top left) create drawings that interact with the stop-motion animation.
The visuals were created live using cut-out-animation. The animators arranged and moved graphical elements live on stage.
The amazing crowd at the Fluc in Vienna.


  • Client Levi Strauss Germany GmbH
  • Agency Häberlein & Mauerer AG
  • Creative Director Tanja Tomic
  • Designer Iris Wieder, Julian Köhn
  • Animator Andreas Koller
  • Tagtool Artists Markus Dorninger, Matthias Fritz, Stefanie Jörgler, Moritz Wohlleb, Philip J. Fry, Alexander Scholz
  • Technical Support (Frankfurt) Francesco Elsing (satis&fy)
  • Photography Benjamin R. Albrecht, Gregor Hofbauer
  • Director (Frankfurt) Matthias Gugler