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Media Globe

Seamless projection on a sphere

The Media Globe is a visual installation featuring a globe and six projectors, showing a fully, seamless and warpfree image. With a diameter of four meters, the Media Globe is an impressive presentation tool and light installation.

Thanks to a unique projection-system it is now possible to completely fill a sphere with moving images and interactive content. This technique opens up new possibilities to display information. Videos, images, text, panorama photos, spherical textures, interactive content and much more can be presented in a new stunning way. The Media Globe was programmed in vvvv.

This 3D-visualization shows the configuration of the Media Globe, and how it can be combined with an architectural projection using the same realtime distortion techniques.

Schematic view of the Media Globe

Schematic view of the Media Globe

Media Globe at DLD Conference 2009.

Reference project:

Mercedes-Benz DLD Conference 2009

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Additional Credits:
Earth’s City Lights Data by Marc Imhoff (NASA GSFC) and Christopher Elvidge (NOAA NGDC). Earth’s City Lights Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon (NASA GSFC). Visible Earth Images courtesy Reto Stockli (NASA Earth Observatory).
Initial technical concept for the globe projection by MESO Digital Interiors ( based on a idea by Hans Reitz (circ performing by experience).