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Media Universe

Real-time particle simulation building content

The award winning Media Universe installation is a real-time generated particle system capable of building bigger images and text. The universe can be built out of various particle-types. No matter if you use letters, glowing stars or simple shapes, it’s always about what those particles build together. The Media Universe is a great way to symbolize unity, team-spirit and that things are more than just the sum of their parts.

The installation runs on a single PC that feeds up to 3 Full-HD projectors simultaniously and also provides the soft-blending between the projector images. The Media Universe can be controlled wirelessly with an iPod Touch or iPhone running the TouchOSC application. There is also the possibility of having a full-scale content-interface so you can control the build-ups of specific text and images on cue.

The Media Universe in use for the Mercedes-Benz “The design:project” vernissage.

Controlling the Media Universe with an iPod Touch (Thank you Rob!)

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