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DLD Conference Sphere

Media installation for Mercedes-Benz

Interactive installation with seamless projection on a sphere

At the 2009 Digital Life and Design (DLD) Conference in Munich the Media Globe installation had its first public appearance. From January 25th to 27th international speakers and media professionals discussed future trends in economy and culture with a strong focus on new media.
Strukt was approached by Jung von Matt/relations to create an outstanding media installation for Mercedes-Benz, the main sponsor of DLD. The goal was to emphasize the importance of the topics discussed and to give the visitors a unique view of our planet.
The Globe presented future technologies, advancements in research and environmental initiatives of Mercedes-Benz, combined with real-time blog headlines and Twitter feeds. Everybody could post short messages concerning current issues, which were shown immediately “around the Globe”. As these feeds were non-moderated, the Globe showed an uncensored view of the opinions and feelings of the participants.
The Media Globe was also featured in a live broadcast by 3.sat, a German TV channel. Read more information on the Media Globe and the underlying technology.

Strukt Media Globe for Mercedes-Benz at DLD Conference
Despite the fact that the attendants of the DLD are hard to impress with advanced media installations, the globe projection managed to create an impressive “Wow!” effect, generating many interested reactions.
With the Media Globe, Mercedes-Benz was able to present their innovations in research of environmentally friendly technologies in an striking way.

DLD (Digital, Life, Design) is an inspiring community for the 21st century which features digital innovation, science and culture and brings together thought leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and investors from Europe, the Middle-East, the Americas and Asia. The DLD community meets in various styles and formats throughout the year and around the globe.” (Source: DLD website)

Closeup of the Strukt Media Globe at the DLD Conference
With a diameter of 4 meters and a seamless, undistorted, spherical projection, the Strukt Media Globe was an impressive and inspiring experience for the visitors.


  • Client Mercedes-Benz
  • Agency Jung von Matt/relations GmbH
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • VVVV Programmer Robi Hammerle, Thomas Hitthaler
  • Motion Designer Andreas Koller
  • 3D Designer Robi Hammerle
  • Video Edit, Documentary
    Wolfgang F. Maier

Additional Credits

  • Image copyrights Earth's City Lights Data by Marc Imhoff (NASA GSFC) and Christopher Elvidge (NOAA NGDC). Earth's City Lights Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon (NASA GSFC). Visible Earth Images courtesy Reto Stockli (NASA Earth Observatory).
  • Concept Initial technical concept for the globe projection by MESO Digital Interiors based on an idea by Hans Reitz (circ performing by experience).