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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Tourism Conference 2009

Brand relaunch presentation

Multi-screen and cube projections at Semper Depot for Vienna Tourist Board

The annual Vienna Tourism Conference 2009 was something special this time. Jung von Matt/Donau introduced the new corporate design of the Vienna Tourist Board.

To make the presentation a one-of-a-kind experience for the 400 guests and all major tourism partners Jung von Matt/Donau approached Strukt to spice up the stage. Playing with the new communication elements like the communication square and the number of four a multi-screen setup was realized, using the four windows above the main stage as an additional dramatic element. All the windows and the stage backdrop were virtually connected to become one screen. For the presentation the windows were used as an eye catcher to point out important facts, which then were moved down to the stage backdrop. Thus the audience was always surprised by new elements and experienced magic transitions from one screen to the others.

In the foyer of the venue Strukt realized a projection cube showcasing the new corporate design subjects. While the guests enjoyed drinks and food, photos were taken and placed onto the cube with headlines by the agency in real time. After a while, as the party progressed, the cube transformed into an audio-reactive equalizer, a disco-cube, controlled by Strukt VJs.


  • Location Semper Depot, Vienna
  • Client WienTourismus
  • Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Project Manager Gregor Hofbauer
  • Programmer Chris Plant,
    Robi Hammerle
  • AV Solution Concept Solutions

Additional Credits

  • Creative Director Thomas Schwarz
  • Account Manager Doris Haase,
    Marianne Springinsfeld
  • Creation Helena Giokas, Eva Ortner
  • Live Sujets Christian Begusch