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Austria Fashion Awards

Opening film and live visuals

Animation for opening of the AFA 2010 and live visuals at Semper Depot Vienna

Commissioned by Unit F Büro für Mode, Strukt created an opening trailer for the main event of the 10 festival, the Austrian Fashion Awards 2010. The five-minute trailer opened the event on June 16 2010 at Semper Depot Vienna.

With the trailer Unit F celebrated its 10th anniversary and the 30 winners of the Austria Fashion Award from 2000-2009 and introduced the 2010 awards at Semper Depot Vienna. Strukt was also responsible for the live visuals, curated by sound:frame Festival, and the projections of the nominee videos and winners during the show.

In a tight production schedule of only 6 days a stage was built in our studio, where our animators could set up and film various objects on spinning mirror stages. With two projectors the content, videos, text and live generated images from vvvv were projected onto the objects.
Thanks for artistic direction to Albert Handler (moodley brand identity).

Making Of Austria Fashion Awards 2010 Opening Trailer
Behind the scenes during the production.


  • Agency Unit F Büro für Mode
  • Director Andreas Koller
  • Camera Johannes Timpernagel
  • Editors Johannes Timpernagel, Andreas Koller
  • Set Iris Wieder, Robi Hammerle