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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Museum Brennpunkt°

Interactive exhibits

Educational games and interactive information terminals for the Museum of Heating Culture Vienna

The museum Brennpunkt° – Museum der Heizkultur Wien (Brennpunkt translates as focus point) in Vienna shows unique historical objects of Viennese heating culture and gives background information on heating and its cultural and social impact.
Strukt was commissioned to conceptualize, design and realize four interactive stations and a custom video player. Strukt developed custom built physical interfaces like valves and levers to enhance usability and make it more fun for visitors to explore the installations. For these installations Strukt developed the interaction concept, graphic- and motion design, as well as the sound design. Strukt implemented the stations in Adobe Flash AS3 using Arduino boards to read the rotary encoders and levers.

House Configurator

This quiz allows two visitors to create an energy-efficient building, where they can not only decide how their house is built, but also see how their daily behaviour influences the energy and CO2 consumption.

The house configurator is an interactive quiz for two people (Photo © Rupert Steiner)

Energy Game

How much energy does it take to heat a cup of tea? Or even a pot with 5 liters of water? At this interactive station visitors can explore how their physical activity translates into heat by moving the three levers.

An informative and exhausting experience for up to three players: the Energy Game (Photo © Rupert Steiner)

Flame Game

It is quite a challenge to find the conditions for an optimal flame. By turning the valves, visitors can regulate the fuel and oxygen supply to achieve the optimal flame inside the pre-combustion chamber.

Temperature Game

At this station visitors can discover how wind and humidity influences the subjective temperature. The portrait screen above the three control valves shows two characters that change their behavior, outfit and surroundings corresponding to the setting.

The Temperature Game informs about the subjective perception of temperature (Photo © Rupert Steiner)

Video Player and Content Management System

In the foyer of the museum a custom built video player was installed, that allows a configurable news feed and a custom playlist. Strukt programmed this application in vvvv.

The entry hall of the museum Brennpunkt° (Photo © Rupert Steiner)
Outside view of the museum Brennpunkt° (Photo © Rupert Steiner)


  • Location
    Brennpunkt°, Heizungsmuseum Wien
  • Client
    Stadt Wien, Magistratsabteilung 34
  • Project Manager Wolfgang F. Maier
  • Creative Director Andreas Koller
  • Interface Design Asaad El Salawi
  • Flash Programmer
    Barbara Saga, Andreas Koller
  • vvvv Programmer Thomas Hitthaler
  • Exhibit construction INDAT, c:a:t-x