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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Energie Steiermark E-Wonderworld

Struktable multi-touch installation

Various multi-touch and multi-user games for the visitor center at Energie Steiermark headquarters

Austrian energy provider Energie Steiermark built a new brand-experience area in their headquarter’s foyer called E-Wonderworld. It showcases various interactive exhibits about energy consumption, renewable energy and the impact of energy in everyday life. As one of the interactive highlights a Struktable was installed which sports four custom built games that educate and entertain with the use of multi-touch technology.


With the Timemachine visitors can compare the average power consumption of standard household appliances over a century and compare it to the population of Styria. This game points out how energy-efficient electrical devices help to compensate our ever-growing energy needs.

Energy-Network Challenge

On a map of Styria visitors are confronted with alerts in the service network of Energie Steiermark. When an alert icon is selected a box opens where they have to solve a riddle or puzzle to maintain power or gas services. That way visitors learn how much effort is put into maintaining a steady power coverage in the region. Once the game is over the software informs the player of the results and educates about possible mistakes.

e-Motor Puzzle

What are the components of an electric engine that will drive the cars of the future? To get that question answered visitors can play the e-Motor Puzzle where every component put into the right place reveals its function. Once all pieces are in their places more information is revealed on the topic of e-mobility.


With Eco-Zones visitors of the exhibition have the opportunity to play a fun and eventful action game. Up to four players have to take care of their tokens which are endangered by the playing field. Sooner or later their tokens will be taken by the game. The player who stays in the game the longest wins, however every player is a winner once the game is over – brief but useful information on renewable energy sources is presented to them.


  • Agency Schwarz Consult
  • Project Managers Tanja Tomic, Gregor Hofbauer
  • Designers Michael Seiser, Iris Wieder,
    Johannes Timpernagel
  • Programmer Robi Hammerle

Additional Credits

  • Sound Design Digitalofen Audiobakery