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Erste Bank e_motion day

Event design

Event styling for a corporate event in an ice-hockey stadium

Strukt was commissioned by Himmer, Buchheim und Partner to help them create a unique experience for the Erste Bank e_motion day 2010. After the client chose an ice-hockey stadium as the location of choice it was a challenge to find a way to make it nice and cozy without destroying the original atmosphere of the venue. In addition to creating a colorful ambient lighting in the stadium, the net behind the goals was changed to a white projection screen that also served as an acoustic element which reduced sound reflections. During the seating process, the stadium was fairly dark, with a few unobtrusive projections.

A good amount of extra ambient light was used to create a new look for the exterior of the building and to provide a beacon for the arriving guests. After entering the building, each guest recieved LED throwies in one of the four theme colors. The guests were able to wear their LED throwie on their clothing using a magnetic pin. In addition to the very impressive effect of 2.000 specks of light in the dimly-lit stadium, the LED throwies served as a seating guide. Stage lights colored the ice in front of the four sections with the same color as the throwies, so everybody knew where to sit.

The evening program started with an ice-hockey training, followed by the arrival of the upper management of the Erste Bank. The highlight of the official part was the keynote speech by the chairman of the board. Strukt developed a projection system for the double-sided central projection screen and directed the video crew to combine the slides with live images of the speakers. During the keynote four moving-head projectors were integrated into the choreography to create a space-filling experience for the guests.

While the show progressed, the visuals became more intense, and after the main part of the evening was over, room was filled with visuals and moving lights. The final part of the evening was an ice-disco where guests could go onto the ice to skate, play games or enjoy refreshments at the ice bar.


  • Client Erste Bank Oesterreich
  • Agency Himmer, Buchheim & Partner
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Programmers Fabian Bergner
  • Designers Fabian Gampp, Tanja Tomic

Additional Credits

  • Agency AD Christian Wieners
  • Agency CD Eva Buchheim
  • Agency PM Sonja Himmer, Melanie Riepl, Sandra Hruby
  • Agency Text Martin Kammerer, Karin Uebelbacher