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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Expo Real 2010

Struktable multi-touch installation

Multi-user showcase of real-estate property on the Struktable multi-touch hardware

One of the new Struktables was prominently placed at the 2010 Expo Real, the largest B2B trade fair for commercial real estate in Europe. Strukt was commissioned by the Deutsche Marketing Gesellschaft to develop an application to showcase retail properties and other real estate projects at the booth of Centrum and Comfort. Centrum and Comfort use their Struktable on an ongoing basis at real estate fairs. To match the design of the entire booth a special coating was ordered. They also decided to add the optional LED effect light and speaker system to provide an even more exciting user experience while working with the Struktable.

A map of Germany was the starting point for the visitors to explore various cities and zoom into individual streets that were associated with real estate projects like shopping malls and retail stores. The application offered a comprehensive overview with blueprints, lists of store sizes and rent revenues, along with pictures that showed the buildings before and after renovation. Multiple users could browse at the same time because each city had its own window that could be moved around, scaled and rotated. This interaction concept allowed the visitors to share information without disturbing other users.

Visitors continue using the Strukable’s software.
The Struktable was perfectly integrated into the booth’s design.
Software screenshot
Software screenshot with opened windows


  • Client Centrum & Comfort
  • Agency Deutsche Marketing Gesellschaft
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Creative Director Andreas Koller
  • Designers Johannes Timpernagel,
    Iris Wieder
  • Programmer Woeishi Lean
  • Hardware Management Tanja Tomic