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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

RWE Campus Tour

Struktable multi-touch installation

Multi-touch table and software for a roadshow at german universities

For the 2010 RWE Campus Tour Strukt was commissioned to build a multi-touch table and create multi-user software to entertain the audience. The installation was presented at ten different technical universities in Germany, where employees of RWE showcased career opportunities to students. The Struktable, which was manufactured as a special edition also known as the RWE Power Table, was the media highlight of the tour. It served as a central communication piece and a very welcome icebraker to start conversations. There were three applications installed on the RWE Power Table. Two of them were designed for a multi-user purpose, a third application was dedicated to the speakers and their Pecha Kucha presentations.

Ambient Control

The Ambient Control application was a very playful tool to control the light and audio set-up of the room. With RGB controls people were able to change the color of the lights. Also there was an animation sequence programmed for the lights which could be altered with various sliders. For the audio Strukt created a simplified step-sequencer that allowed people to add or take away layers of sound. Additionally there was a permanent audio track running built out of three layers. Using a two-dimensional control people were able to individually mix the three layers to create a unique audio experience.

Pecha Kucha Presenter

The Campus Tour was accompanied by speakers talking about the topic of energy in more or less abstract ways. Strukt was also granted a 6min 20sec slot in the series of Pecha Kucha talks, which Tanja Tomic and Gregor Hofbauer used to present the making-of of the RWE Power Table. The presentation software had two modes, one running an automated slideshow and one granting manual control of the slides. Slides were either skipped with buttons or gestures. Also the slides were mirrored on a second screen.

DJ- / VJ-Control

For the more entertaining part of the day the audience was invited to select their favorite tunes with a very advanced multi-touch juke box and a fun to use VJ software. While one can skip through the singles of different genres, another user can apply audio effects and filters or rearrange the cue list. Another area of the user interface was dedicated to the visuals shown on the secondary monitor. The user was able to create audio-reactive blobs, change the color of the objects and the room and also move objects around with 3d controls.

Some more impressions from the tour:


  • Client RWE AG
  • Agency Jung von Matt/relations
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Executive Producer Gregor Hofbauer
  • Hardware Supervisor Tanja Tomic
  • Creative Director Andreas Koller
  • Designer Michael Seiser
  • vvvv Programmer Björn Schwarzer, Robi Hammerle, Thomas Hitthaler

Additional Credits

  • Agency CD Frederik Nimmesgern