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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Castle Museum Linz

Struktable multi-touch installation

Struktable based multi-touch installation running several multi-user games

The new and modern add-on to the Castle Museum Linz in Upper Austria is home to a permanent installation of the Struktable. The 70″ multi-touch back-projection screen features interactive multi-user games educating the visitors about solar power, railways, roadways, water and tourism in Upper Austria.

Solar Land

The first game Strukt produced is called Solar Land. The visitors can place solar panels on a map of Upper Austria, guessing where they would be most efficient according to the altitude of the sun in the area. After all items are placed, the participants can start a simulation of the insolation over the duration of an entire year. The game shows how much energy is produced during that period of time, and the top simulations are placed in a high score list. The results encourage people to discuss their decisions and to play the game once more, using the knowledge they gained to reach a better score.

Media Tree

Also a new adaption of Strukt‘s Media Tree software is in use, providing multimedia content about Upper Austria’s rail- and roadways, as well as water and tourism in the region.


  • Client Oberösterreichische Landesregierung
  • Project Manager Tanja Tomic
  • Software Supervisor Thomas Hitthaler
  • Programmer Chris Plant
  • Interface Design Michael Seiser
  • Project Assistance Sasa Blazevic
  • Programming Assistance Barbara Saga

Additional Credits

  • Exhibition Concept Manuel Schilcher (ARGE Marie)
  • Exhibition Design Richard Steger (ARGE Marie)
  • Exhibition Manager Mag. Ute Streitt
  • Content Provider Abteilung Umweltschutz des Landes Oberösterreich, Digitales OÖ Raum-Informations-System,
    Hofrat, Mag. Thomas Ebert