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Interactive table-top with multi-touch display

The Struktable is a multi-touch hardware solution provided by Strukt. It can be used for events or permanent installations with custom software developed for individual needs.

70-inch multi-touch surface

With its 70-inch display size, the Struktable is built for simultaneous interaction of 8 people and more. The touch-sensitive surface recognizes unlimited finger touches at the same time – therefore, users can interact more intuitively.

The portable design makes it versatile for diverse applications: product presentations at trade fairs, interactive gamestations at conferences or information terminals in public space.

Schematic view of the Struktable.


The Struktable makes use of the FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) effect. Therefore, infrared LEDs are placed around the acrylic top, and finger touches reflect the light into the camera on the bottom of the table. Only one PC is needed for tracking, gesture recognition and 2D/3D rendering of the GUI. A projector then projects the GUI onto the surface.

The case is built out of sturdy aluminum. The design is seamless and simple, yet functional. Various signal ports for USB, LAN and DVI are located on the bottom side of the outer enclosure. Therefore the ports are not visible but still easily accesable.

The Struktable can be ordered with extras like LED effect lights in the top frame or a 4-speaker stereo system with a dedicated amplifyer for superb audio quality.

If the Struktable needs to travel there is a custom made transportation box available. It is made out of wood and is built on top of a standard pallette so it can be moved with professional gear.


Strukt usually writes applications for the Struktable using vvvv, a rapid prototyping software. The tracking algorithms have been realised by the Vienna University of Technology. Basic applications are ready for use, while custom software can be developed by Strukt on demand. On request Strukt also provides tracking software compatible to other developing platforms.

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