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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Erste Bank e_motion day 2011

Event- and Motiondesign

Strukt was commissioned by Himmer, Buchheim und Partner to help them create a news-studio setting for the Erste Bank e_motion day 2011. The biggest challenge was to transport the news-look from the TV screen  into an event location. Everybody knows how a newscast has to look on TV but how does it work with a live audience? Strukt decided to use a large panoramic backdrop with rounded edges as our projection screen. Through the use of picture-in-picture live video and pre-produced clips we enhanced the news experience.

Strukt likes to show clients beforehand how a stage will look and that’s why it is essential to create realistic visualizations during the design process. Some of the design elements have changed but the overall look and feel was maintained.


For the opening of the event Strukt created a trailer, explaining the achievements of the past and the challenges of the future. The animation made use of the curved projection canvas and was spread over an aspect ratio of 4:1. A 16:9 adaption of the animation was used in Erste Bank‘s intranet before the event.




  • Client Erste Bank Oesterreich
  • Agency Himmer, Buchheim & Partner
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Programmer Robi Hammerle
  • Designers Iris Wieder, Robert Hammerle
  • Animators Andreas Koller, Gregor Hofbauer

Additional Credits

  • Agency CD Eva Buchheim
  • Agency PM Sonja Himmer, Melanie Riepl