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Strukt Portfolio: Graphic Design & Animation

COPA-DATA zenon 7

Key visual

Generative key visuals for software product group zenon

The new graphic identity for the upcoming zenon 7, an industrial automation software developed by COPA-DATA, visualizes the core values of the brand: precision, movement, high-tech and automation. zenon 7 is used in factories around the world to control and visualize dynamic industrial processes.

By applying generative design principles we developed a family of key visuals for zenon 7 and its four components Supervisor, Logic, Operator and Analyzer. An algorithm creates endless variations of the key visuals, providing COPA-DATA with a source of illustrations for various purposes and media.

The application that creates the key visuals was developed in Processing, a programming environment for visual designers and artists. The generative approach to this design issue enabled us to fully explore the possibilities of the basic illustration which represents an abstract sequence of industrial events. The basic element is randomly put into various shapes and positions according to the main purpose of zenon 7.

Generative key visuals for the four products of zenon 7


  • Client COPA-DATA
  • Creative Director Andreas Koller
  • Programming Andreas Koller, Sebastian Kienzl