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Strukt Portfolio: Allgemein

ATV Program Preview 2013

Multi-screen projections

VVVV realtime presentation system

For the presentation of the upcoming program line-up of Austria’s biggest privately owned TV station, Viennese event agency Büro Hirzberger hired us to install an interactive visual system to decorate the gala event that took place in the MAK, a museum for applied arts.

The most important part of the evening was the screening of a double-HD video presentation with the TV-highlights of 2013. For the rest of the evening we developed a very flexible live visual system that was constantly playing with the architectural features of the room. The event location is situated in a museum and is normally used for exhibitions. This minimalistic white-cube with it’s three white walls is ideal to create an expansive projection experience.

To achieve this we used six video projectors, two for each wall. Regardless of the difference between the aspect ratios of the projections and the walls we created a seamless image throughout the room using precisely positioned projectors and mapping techniques. Our vvvv real-time system allowed us to fine-tune all optical effects so that the ventilation ducts seemed to be the source of the waves or logos. All projections were controlled by two computers running vvvv.

Additionally to the animated design we translated the visual style to the graphics on the bar tables, out-door banners and accreditation desks as well.


  • Client ATV
  • Agency Büro Hirzberger
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • VVVV Programming Thomas Hitthaler