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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Futurezone Award 2012

Event design

Movement through space

A festive gala event on November 8th was the setting for the award ceremony hosted by the austrian technology blog futurezone. We have been commissioned to create a futuristic presentation system to showcase products and innovations. The room in the MAK, a museum for applied arts in Vienna was the perfect setting to be transformed into a cyberspace. Three big white walls that encompass the room were the perfect projection surface to immerse the guests into a virtual world.

Inspired by the design of the award sculpture, we used the circuit-board aesthetics as our main design element. We created a world populated with electronic circuits and flashes of energy that were zooming along the conductive lines. All nominees and winners were embedded into this electronic landscape and during the evening we moved vertically through this landscape creating the impression of traveling in elevator. The whole landscape consisted of 56 floors and each movement through it was enhanced acoustically to create an immersive experience.

The audio-reactive live visuals decorated the walls in the corporate colors and created a lively atmosphere during the chill out phase of the event.

To achieve this we used six video projectors, two for each wall. Regardless of the difference between the aspect ratios of the projections and the walls we created a seamless image throughout the room using precisely positioned projectors and mapping techniques. Our vvvv real-time system allowed us to fine-tune the viewing angles so that all lines bent correctly around the corners of the room. All projections were controlled by two computers running vvvv.


  • Client Futurezone
  • Agency Kurier in-house marketing / Büro Wien
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • VVVV Programming Thomas Hitthaler
  • Sound Design Christian Konrad