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Gas Connect Austria Compressor Station

Interactive webvideo

Interactive animation explaining a gas compressor station

While the new corporate website of Gas Connect Austria (formerly OMV Gas GmbH) was constructed we were asked by WIEN NORD to create an interactive animation that explains the complex process of gas compression. By following the corporate design guidelines we developed a visual concept that was later applied online, on site and in print.

Gas Connect Austria operates the infrastructure that acts as the central hub in the European natural gas grid. Compressor stations along the pipelines ensure constant flow of gas by cleaning, measuring and compressing it. At the eight compressor stations spread all over Austria the our informational animation informs about this process. An interactive version is available on the website of Gas Connect Austria. The print version is used in information brochures.

We created a clean visual language to communicate the complex process:


  • Client Gas Connect Austria GmbH
  • Agency WIEN NORD
  • Graphic Design Iris Wieder, Andreas Koller
  • Animation Andreas Koller, Robi Hammerle, Flo Herweg
  • 3D Renderings Robi Hammerle
  • Sound Design Mario Wienerroither
  • Flash Programming Thomas Kräftner