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Strukt Portfolio: Allgemein

Kurier relaunch presentation

Event design

Large scale premiere of the newly designed Kurier Newspaper and Website

When a newspaper and it’s website get a relaunch, a big show to present the new design is imminent. Thankfully the Kurier chose the MAK, the museum for applied arts in Vienna, as their location. With it’s subtle white-cube look we were able to draw all the attention to the presentation. We worked together with their in-house marketing department to develop the right kind of presentation-tools. We came to the conclusion that using a projection screen that looked like an over-sized newspaper was the way to go. This big stage element had also the aspect ratio of a 4:3 browser window that was perfect for the presentation of the new website. The Stage element itself was embedded into a 60-meter wide 270° multi-screen projection.

In the beginning of the event we wanted to work with an understatement. This is why we projected only a live RSS-feed newsticker onto the stage-element and used lights to cover the walls of the hall.

As soon as the show started we then extended the projection content to all surrounding walls, kicking off the event with a wow factor. The backdrop was built out of real-time 3D letters floating in space, representing the essential elements of news.

The newspaper was simulated in a dynamic way, allowing the audience to watch the presenter browse through the pages. Certain elements that the presenter wanted to highlight moved out of the newspaper onto the wall next to the stage element.

The website presentation was fully animated and also used the surrounding walls to emphasize special features that are new to the Also the walls next to the stage element were a perfect place to show additional and supporting content to the speeches.

After the 30 minute presentation we brought the 3D letters to life and created an upbeat audio-reactive visuals system that accompanied the audience until the end of the night.



  • Client Kurier
  • Agency Kurier in-house marketing / Büro Wien
  • Project Manager Gregor Hofbauer
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • Graphic Designers Laura Edelbacher, Philipp Lehmann
  • VVVV Programming Robi Hammerle
  • Animation Gregor Hofbauer