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MINT Framework

for multi-touch interactions

Quickly create multi-touch gestures using premade interaction blocks

From 2010 until now, we teamed up with the Technical University Vienna to develop a robust framework for Multi-Touch interactions. Everybody knows the rotate and zoom gestures from the iPad and is used to them. This is why every time we develop Multi-Touch applications we have to think about established standards but also about new gestures that can be used to enhance the user experience.

Every programmer who had to develop a Multi-Touch application from scratch knows how difficult it can be to handle many simultaneous interactions. Not only multiple fingers are used while interacting, but also multiple persons can use an application at the same time. Gestures can even be combined, for example to rotate and scale an object at the same time.

This can get quite complicated and it is not very effective to program the same interactions for every app so we looked for a framework that is capable of a high-level handling of gestures. At the time there were no usable solutions available so we applied for a research grant at the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and developed a very powerful framework.

Here is a short demo video explaining the basic functionality of the MINT Framework:

We just launched the website, there you will find much more technical information, demo videos and in the near future also a download link for the full framework.


Click here to visit the MINT website.



  • Funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
  • Project Management Strukt Thomas Hitthaler
  • Project Management TU Hannes Kaufmann
  • Software Developers Ferdinand Pilz, Thomas Pintaric
  • Software Testing Robi Hammerle, Andrè Motz
  • Creative Direction Thomas Hitthaler, Andreas Koller
  • Logo Design Niko Knappe
  • Graphic Design Niko Knappe, Iris Wieder, Andrè Motz
  • Website Niko Knappe, Robi Hammerle, Daniel Maaz