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Strukt Portfolio: Graphic Design & Animation


Corporate identity and app design

Design services for the startup company mySugr and their core product, a companion for diabetics on the iPhone

mySugr provides a virtual companion for diabetics that makes dealing with this disease easier and life better. This iPhone app encourages keeping track of your diet with a gaming concept. It allows you to earn points by providing data about your meals, activities and habits and generates context specific scenarios which you can compare and analyze in order to fight diabetes more efficiently.

The viennese startup mySugr asked Strukt to develop their corporate design and the interface for their iPhone app.

mySugr companion

We’ve designed the interface of the iPhone app called mySugr companion in close collaboration with Gerald Stangl, mySugr’s creative director. It is available for the iPhone on the App Store (Austria only).

The shown screens are work in progress as the app develops. We continuously refine the design for new features.

mySugr Website

The main marketing tool for the product is the mySugr website.
We have designed a modular system for all web content of mySugr.

The front page the website features an introduction video to the application, which we have produced in-house. It shows the essentials in brief and guides through the most important step of the application: how to enter the data of one meal.

mySugr Corporate Design

Based on the companion from the iPhone app, we have developed a logo and corporate design materials like websites, t-shirts and business cards.

mySugr logos
mySugr color palette


  • Client mySugr GmbH
  • Project Manager Wolfgang Maier
  • Creative Director (mySugr) Gerald Stangl
  • Graphic Design Iris Wieder, Andreas Koller
  • Interface Design Iris Wieder, Sebastian Kienzl
  • Motion Design Andreas Koller, Robi Hammerle
  • Sound Design Mario Wienerroither