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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Vienna Boys’ Choir in Paris and Tokyo

Interactive Sound Installation

A glowing floor keyboard that plays voices of the Vienna Boys' choir

In order to promote Vienna as a travel destination in foreign countries, the Vienna Tourism Board creates a series of prominent and eye-catching installations in urban hotspots. Aiming for a huge public attention and a media buzz, their agency Jung von Matt/Donau asked us to realize an interactive sound installation featuring the Vienna Boys’ Choir at Gare Saint Lazare.

The basic idea was to create an interactive keyboard that triggers the voices of the boys and classical audio tracks. After recording the boy’s voices and 4 different short musical pieces, we developed and designed the hardware and software. Due to the difficult location in a subway station our design had to be very robust and non-combustible. This is why the whole base of the keyboard is made out of solid aluminum and corian. Colored letters are set into the surface to allow LEDs to illuminate the keys when they are pressed.

Due to the big success in Paris the same installation will be shipped to Tokyo where it will be standing in front of Suntory Hall, one of the most renowned concert halls in the world.

Some impressions from the test-setup in our office.


  • Client Vienna Tourism Board
  • Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
  • Project Manager Tanja Tomic and Thomas Hitthaler
  • Product Designer Ewald Neuhofer
  • Hardware Manufacturing INDAT
  • Programmer Ewald Neuhofer
  • Sound Editing Gernot Ottowitz