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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

SCS Shop Finder Terminals

Interactive navigation terminals

Concept, interface design, hard- and software development for shopping center SCS

The Shopping City Süd (SCS), a mall by unibail-rodamco group, is home to over 300 stores spread on an area of over 192.500 m2. Strukt took up the challenge to develop interactive shop finders to enhance the shopping experience. The project included the concept and design of the hardware for the terminals, the development of the interaction and interface design as well as the implementation of the software application.

The visitors can interact via a touchscreen and navigate in real-time in the virtual 3D space of the shopping center. The routing system calculates the walking time to the desired destination and is also able to show an accessible route.

The hardware design matches the new interior of the SCS perfectly. An illuminated information sign signals the function of the terminal. We have chosen the material Corian for the production of the cases, which not only provides the desired look, but also has excellent haptic properties and thus creates a special user experience.


  • Client Shopping City Süd, unibail-rodamco
  • Project Manager Tanja Tomic
  • Interaction design Andreas Koller
  • Screendesign 3D Ewald Neuhofer
  • Screendesign 2D Christian Male
  • Additional Screendesign Christian Groß, Sebastian Kienzl, Daniela Leitner, Robi Hammerle
  • Documentation video Patrick Wagesreiter
  • Hardware design Ewald Neuhofer
  • Hardware manufacturing INDAT