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Terra Mater


Terra Mater is a nature and science magazine by Red Bull Media House first published in June 2012 in Austria. The magazine shows the hidden wonders of the world and covers all areas of natural science, humanities and social sciences. The topics range from ethnology, wildlife, natural phenomena and history to research and technology.

Red Bull Media House approached us to design the numerous maps in the magazine. Aiming for clarity and simplicity, we have developed custom maps that support the respective stories under the art direction of RBMH.

Map showing the river Nile from its sources in Ruanda and Burundi to the Adriatic Ocean.
Detailed map of Uganda explaining the story around River Nile.
Map of Cape Town and Table-Mountain National Park, where gangs of chimpanzees terrorize the neighborhoods.
Map of Sierra Nevada in Columbia
Map of Greece
Cover of Terra Mater magazine issue 1


  • Client Red Bull Media House
  • Creative Director RBMH Axl Schreder
  • Art Director RBMH Christine Eisl
  • Graphic Design Andreas Koller, Philipp Lehmann, Iris Wieder