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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Tian Night Sky

Light- and video-installation

A living chandalier meets a generative video installation

We realized a different kind of project for the exclusive vegetarian restaurant Tian located in the center of Vienna. In the entrance area a custom made light- and videoinstallation decorates the room, which can be controlled conveniently with a web application.

In the chandelier made out of wood and dried flowers by renowed florists Schlichtbarock out of Feldbach, Carinthia, we installed moving-lights. Additionally we created a video mapping and projection installation to complete the look that’s welcoming entering customers.

To realize this project our little workshop at the office came in handy. We had to try out quite a lot of hardware solutions to find the smallest, most efficient parts that created the biggest effect. The most important thing was to adapt the existing chandelier in a very subtle way. The biggest challanges were to handle the heat development, the additional weight and the wiring.

Together with Tian’s house technicians we managed to have all the technical equipment be hidden, so that visitors cannot realize where the light and projection is coming from.



  • Client Restaurant Tian
  • Producer Robi Hammerle
  • Creative Direction Tanja Tomic
  • Programming & Interface Design André Motz
  • Concept Robi Hammerle, Ewald Neuhofer, Iris Wieder
  • Hardware & Light Programming Philipp Lammer,
    Gordan Savicic