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World Nutrition Forum 2012

Event design

Production of animations and CEO-keynotes for an international conference in Singapore

The World Nutrition Forum is an international congress gathering people to discuss matters of agriculture, livestock management, animal health and nutrition. Since 2004 the congress is hosted by Biomin Holding and Erber AG, both Austrian companies. The first three events took place in Vienna, Salzburg and Tyrol. Hosting the 2012 World Nutrition Forum in Singapore was a big step towards internationalization and professionalization.

Being a specialist for event- and show design for corporate events we were hired to accompany the entire event process from start to finish. Not only were we responsible for the visual look of all major presentations and media productions but also consulted the client on the event set-up as well as the program flow.


The main Element in the congress hall was a 28 x 6m sized projection screen. We used three Full-HD projectors to create a seamless video backdrop for the stage. This screen was home to the opening trailer, presentations and virtual sets, as well as the custom made keynote slides for CEO Erich Erber’s speech.

Opening Trailer

The event kick-off was an opening trailer presenting important keywords and messages of the following speeches and workshops to the audience. The motion graphics we produced had a resolution of 5040×1080 pixels and filled the screen with crisp and impressive images.

Biomin WNF Opening Trailer


CEO Keynote

Another highlight was the keynote of CEO Erich Erber. Therefore we were asked to create a presentation that made impressive use of the big screen behind the stage. For that reason our design team created 60 individually designed slides with custom made illustrations and data-visualizations. Also we developed a presentation-tool in vvvv to guarantee a flexible system that was able to create impressive animations on the fly but also to swap content last minute.


Tai-Chi Show

To kick off the second day of the congress a Tai-Chi dance company performed on stage. For the screen backdrop we created illustrations of asian land- and cityscapes that the audience travelled through on the way to the Singapore Marina Bay.

Biomin WNF Tai-Chi Session Tai-Chi Session

To run a smooth set up with three full-HD projectors, a resolution of 5040 x 1080 pixels and a combination of prerendered as well as live-generated content we collaborated with the local AV-solution providers in Singapore. The client relied on our expertise to create an impressive and reliable show-system with them. Besides the content production we were responsible for the technical planning of the set-up and the live-direction during the event.

Control Center at WNF

International evening with digital fireworks

On the last evening of the congress everybody was invited to a gala dinner. Part of the night was an animated showcase celebrating “30 years of Biomin”. Instead of obligatory outdoor fireworks as a closing ceremony we also created a video to be screened indoors that celebrated the buzzing city of singapore and brought “digital fireworks” to the audience.

Choosing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the heart of Singapore the World Nutrition Forum 2012 was hosted in a truly spectacular setting.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore


  • Client Biomin Holding GmbH
  • Project Manager Wolfgang F. Maier
  • Creative Directors Andreas Koller, Gregor Hofbauer
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • Graphic Designers Barbara Mozdyniewicz,
    Stefan Lechleitner, Laura Edelbacher,
    Christian Konrad, Marlene Maier, Philipp Lehmann
  • Motion Designers Patrick Wagesreiter, Stefan Salcher, Markus Wagner
  • vvvv Programmer Robi Hammerle