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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

AX wine(e)motion

Info Terminals & Installation

Enhancing the winery experience

The AX & AX winery offers visitors a tour to experience wine in form of an exhibition in Kéthely, Hungary. Strukt was commissioned to develop interactive installations for this exhibition.

Info Terminals

For the foyer two installations have been developed which serve as information terminals with a high entertainment value. The so-called “Packaging Station” leads wine boxes hanging on an assembly line behind a display on which animated robot arms fill the boxes with wine bottles and label them.

  • IMG_5592
  • IMG_5550
  • IMG_5546

The “Packet Inspection” station performs in a similar manner when cartons are passing behind a screen, product information for the various wines are displayed. The focus of the installations lays on the wine box and the way it is taking in the course of the production.

  • IMG_5250
  • IMG_4378
  • IMG_5579
  • IMG_5569

Black Box Installation

Strukt also developed the “Black Box” a sculptural installation, which offers an immersive multimedia experience for the visitors. The sculpture, which is reminiscent of the shape of wine boxes and reaches a height of 3 meters, is illuminated with video while accompanied by costume made electronic soundtrack. Click an the video below to watch the full 2 minute show.


  • IMG_5273
  • IMG_5326
  • IMG_5362
  • IMG_5371
  • IMG_5375
  • IMG_5383
  • IMG_5386
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  • Client Ax & Ax
  • Creative & Technical Direction Thomas Hitthaler
  • Concept Tanja Tomic, Iris Wieder, Martin Zeplichal, Ewald Neuhofer
  • Programmers Robi Hammerle, Daniel Maaz,
    Thomas Hitthaler, Paul Schengber
  • Graphic Designers Iris Wieder, Philipp Lehmann
  • Animation Artist Sabine Ott
  • Sound Designer Paul Schengber
  • Documentation Wolfgang Maier

Additional Credits

  • Hardware Support Concept Solutions
  • Model Construction INDAT