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Creative Club Austria Award

Stage design

Lo-Fi slide-projection award ceremony for the tight budget

Sometimes reality just hits – after getting approved a complex and stunning stage concept for the Creative Club Austria Awards involving multiple layers of screens and a multi-projector set-up doing all the tricks we love, we had to deal with massive budget cuts that came quite out of the blue. Still loving our idea we set out to realize it in a more affordable way,  keeping a unique character to the show.


Our weapon of choice were good old fashioned slide projectors. We kept the multi-layer screens but all our content was presented with the humming and clicking noise the projectors are known for. A total of 400 slides were shown on 8 differen projectors, all being interlinked and forwarding slides in sync.

IMG_2727_660px IMG_2739_660px

We drove the show with this little piece of technology, transmitting the cues by wire to all the projectors. We combined all the slide projectors with one video projector that was used for the video content shown during the award ceremony.

IMG_2849_660px IMG_2876_660px


  • Client Creative Club Austria
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Stage Design Thomas Hitthaler
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Design Laura Edelbacher
  • On Location Support Paul Schengber, Verena Blöchl, Philipp Lehmann

Additional Credits

  • Projector Hardware Lichttapete