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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Digital Folio

“Space” Exhibition

A high-tech book display for vintage views on "Space"

Strukt was commissioned to design and program an interactive folio for the „Space“ exhibition at the Technical Museum in Vienna. Baroque engravings showing historical representations of the Earth and the solar system were used as source materials. These engravings represented a mix of scientific facts known at the time, mythical creatures and an all-powerful God presiding over it all. The folio was part of an elaborate exhibition, which dedicated more than 600 m² to the subject of space in all its facets.

Visitors of the exhibition can browse through the pages via a gesture-based interface and get information on the different engravings and their authors. Hotspots hovering on the left side of the page can be triggered to zoom in on a specific spot on the engraving. This way the visitor can experience the whole richness of details of the engravings. The description of the selected area and its historical and thematic significance are displayed on the right side of the folio. The digital folio is bilingual, easily upgradeable and content can quickly be changed.

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  • Client Technisches Museum Wien
  • Creative Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • VVVV Programmer Thomas Hitthaler, Daniel Maaz