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Engineering Process Sampler

Interaction and interface design

Bi-directional interface between Creo View® and Creo Parametrics®

CADS creates software solutions for digital product development industry. The company specializes in software bridging the gap between standard applications and individual system solutions. The Engineering Process Sampler (EPS) is a product connecting the two PTC products Creo View® and Creo Parametric®. Thanks to EPS engineers can get the best out of both applications. They can now work on big construction projects with thousands of geometries more efficiently.

Creo View® offers great performance to display complex 3D-Models, for example of a loader. Creo Parametric® on the other hand offers the framework for the construction of the geometries building the 3D Model.


CADS commissioned us to work on an interaction concept and user interface design for EPS and to support their programmers during development. Also, while working on the detailed concepts, we were able to use feedback of Siemens, the first user of EPS.

During the concept phase we worked together with the client to learn how EPS is used in the every day life of an CAD-engineer. Based on our experiences in this time we then created wireframe concepts and use cases.

We also created a visual language that is inspired by the functionality of EPS and is applied to the interface as well as the communication materials. The font we picked is called “Sys”, fitting to the technical environment, not seen very often before and sporting the necessary details in its design.


Production Environment

During the design process it was essential to create an individual interface design for the EPS Helper that doesn’t disturb the well known production environment of its users. This guarantees a high acceptance for this new tool amongst engineers. Using EPS should be as easy as possible from the very beginning. Therefore we reduced the main interface to three essential buttons.

  • Default-1-660
  • Pressed-1-660
  • Transfer-Animiert-1-660

Three Buttons

The most important feature of EPS is the bi-directional transfer of geometry between Creo View and Creo Parametric. In addition to that another another very useful function, the neighborhood search, was added to the control panel. Neighborhood search helps engineers to find the connecting geometries to a selected part of the model. This makes selecting of necessary and interfacing parts for a construction task a lot easier and faster.

Nachbarschaftssuche-Animiert Lader-1-660

Hiding Complexity

But there are a lot more features hiding behind the simple user interface of the EPS-Helper necessary to make working on complex Engineering projects more efficient. Over time users get tool tips when using features for the first time, like the multisession messenger or other plug-ins.


Multisession Messenger

A number of big companies already implemented EPS successfully and are able to use its advantages. The further development of EPS partly follows the needs of those clients. The first big addition to the EPS-Helper is the Multisession Messenger. This add-on facilitates construction based communication between engineers and helps to avoid “collisions” during construction and to resolve conflicts.

  • Messenger-a
  • Messenger-b

Interactive Collaboration

Creating the concept for the user interface was always intertwined with the definition of software features. Additionally we were able to implement valuable user feedback. As a result we reached our high standards regarding performance, interface design and user acceptance.

Product Video and Print Materials

For the first public presentations of EPS we created a short demo video showcasing all functionalities in action and pointing out the biggest advantages. Additionally we created a product flyer and business cards for the sales personnel of CADS.

Flyer und Visitenkarten für den EPS Vertrieb
Flyer and business cards for EPS sales personell


  • Client CADS
  • Project Manager & Concept Tanja Tomic
  • Creative Director Philipp Lehmann
  • Graphic Designers David Abele, Christian Konrad

Additional Credits

  • Client Project Manager Georg Fleischmann
  • Client Programmer Daniel Prinz