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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Houska Award 2013

Show design and nominee animations

Generative and animated content production for award ceremony

The Houska Award is Austria’s biggest privately funded science award. It was established by the B&C Foundation in 2005. For the 2013 award ceremony we were commissioned through event agency Büro Hirzberger to create all visual elements for the show and for the decoration of the venue. Also we were trusted to create ten easy-to-understand animations introducing the quite complex nominee-projects to the audience.

The Award Show

The event’s visual design was based on a simple graphical element of the Foundation’s corporate design – a slanted line. We created a generative tool to build a lively object based on the interpolation between slanted lines. The visual system was used to reveal the live camera feed and other elements of the projections.

  • 6_Houska_4_Penninger
  • 6_Houska_1_Buehne
  • 6_Houska_2_Moderation_Tarek
  • 6_Houska_3_Hamepl
  • 6_Houska_5_Preisuebergabe
  • 6_Houska_Moderation

Presentation of the Nominee Projects

It was an exciting and challenging task to create ten short animations that should translate the complex topics of the nominees’ projects to easy to understand and entertaining information. We based our storyboards on written excerpts, condensed the information to the essential statements and also incorporated the meaning of the project for the Houska award. For every single nominee animation we shot video footagetogether with cooperating production companies in Graz and Brixlegg at the universities to introduce the poeple behind the projects.

  • Houska_Projekt_1
  • Houska_Projekt_2
  • Houska_Projekt_3
  • Houska_Projekt_4
  • Houska_Projekt_5
  • Houska_Projekt_6
  • Houska_Projekt_7
  • Houska_Projekt_8
  • Houska_Projekt_9
  • Houska_Projekt_10

Adapting the Venue

In cooperation with the production company Antrib+Hruby we created an unique stage setting at the Metastadt in Vienna. The architecture sports a lot of pillars so we had to create a very wide and angled projection screen to guarantee good sight for everybody in the audience. Together with our trusted A/V provider Concept Solutions we created a coordinated show between projections and the light set-up to make the show cohesive and merge with the architecture.

  • 2_Houska_Ueberblick
  • 1_Houska_Locaiton_Panorama
  • 3_Houska_Einlass
  • 4_Houska_Fischauge
  • 5_Houska_Eingang


  • Client B&C Privatstiftung
  • Agency Büro Hirzberger
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • VVVV Programmers Thomas Hitthaler, Markus Schuricht
  • Graphic Designer Verena Blöchl
  • Motion Designers Sabine Ott, Markus Wagner
  • Sound Design Paul Schengber

Additional Credits

  • Video Production Support Groox & Mediasquad