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Lam Performance

User interface design

KPI visualization and interaction design

Lam Research is a globally operating semiconductor manufacturer specializing in clean room technology for silicon wafer and microchip production.

Lam Research AG in Villach, Carinthia hired us to design an analysis tool for a clear and understandable visualization of the IT-department’s key performance indices (KPIs). The interface needed to allow for constant evaluation and commenting of the collected data in real time. The resulting software concept and user interface is called Lam Performance. It is a tool that gives executives in Villach the possibility to quickly create reports on the efficiency, quality and rentabilty of their IT department and to deliver those to the headquarter in Fremont, California.

Lam Performance Logo
Lam Performance Logo

We started the process by focussing on the analysis of use cases, the definition of basic interaction patterns and visualization of different indices as easy to read graphs. During the consulting phase we developed detailed functional specifications together with our client’s software-developers. Our foremost goals for the finished software interface were clearity, easy operation and optimized usability to the tools that were in place until now. As part of our job we eventually developed the interaction design and the graphical user interface starting with the general branding down to every single icon.

Since the reports are location focussed the user is starting the application with a map view of the world with all the Lam locations as entry points to the respective reports. Already at this screen users are able to read remarks pinned to the locations.


We designed a flexible grid that allows the software to grow once new KPIs are added to the system.


Another important aspect of Lam Performance is the possibility to easily gain information on the most important KPIs and what effect they have on the company’s performance. At the same time the design needs to be current and pleasing to the eye. We splitted the display of data into two modules. A compact overview is presented in KPI Groups on first sight. Clicking on one of the group’s modules a Detail View opens up showing all available data. While a Detail View of one KPI is open, all other KPI Groups are still visible which allows a comparison between different KPIs.

  • Lam_Performance_Overview_1-660
  • Lam_Performance_Overview_2-660

Users can add remarks to every value in the system. All comments of authorized employees are logged. This feature creates a seamless stream of information that is very useful for KPI report meetings.


All data can be displayed for the periods of years, quarters or months. In the selected time span users can optionally display past reference data to the adequate time span or as forecasts for upcoming time spans.


The newly designed interaction concept and user interface was completed with a visual identity for Lam Performance. We created a logo, a keyvisual, a complete icon set and a detailed design guide including animation samples, for the software developers. With this flexible tool kit they can now extend the features on their own while keeping the visual quality intact.

Lam Performance Style Guide
Lam Performance Style Guide


  • Client Lam Research Corporation
  • Project Management Wolfgang F. Maier
  • Creative Direction Gregor Hofbauer
  • Art Direction Philipp Lehmann
  • Screen Design Barbara Mozdyniewicz