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Live Service Marketplace

Corporate Design and explanatory Animation

MYFLY is an Austrian start-up company currently developing an online platform for mobile and interactive live video streams. At the “Live Services Marketplace” everyone can offer avatar services.

Strukt was contracted by founder Hans J. Pfisterer to develop a basic corporate design consisting of a logo including a type treatment. To help Hans finding investors we also created an explanatory animation telling they key facts about MYFLY, as well as business cards and other communication materials.


MYFLY makes time to money

Users can book a “fly” at a certain time and place with a so called “flyer” (the avatar). The kind of services the flyers offer is up to them. They can go on an apartment hunt, shopping to far away places or attend a press conference – there are basically no limits of what there is to offer.

  • myfly_animation_01
  • myfly_animation_02
  • myfly_animation_03

Live Service Marketplace – flyer around the globe

  • myfly_animation_04
  • myfly_animation_06
  • myfly_animation_05a

Use Cases – Apartment hunt and press conference

  • myfly_animation_09
  • myfly_animation_10
  • myfly_animation_11
  • myfly_animation_12
  • myfly_animation_13
  • myfly_animation_14

Business model – MYFLY earns money with every single fly

  • myfly_animation_15
  • myfly_animation_16
  • myfly_animation_17
  • myfly_animation_18

Business cards, note pad and roll-up showing the key visual


MYFLY already made it into the final round of Austria’s Next Start-up.



  • Client MYFLY GmbH
  • Producer Thomas Hitthaler
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • Designer Philipp Lehmann, Verena Bl√∂chl
  • Animator Philipp Lehmann