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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

Houska Award 2014

Show design and nominee animations

The second year in a row we were hired by the prestigious B&C Foundation to work on content and design of their Houska Award ceremony.

One of our tasks was the creation of the nominee introduction films. For those we worked closely together with the nominated research groups to create short and easy to understand description texts that built the script for the 90 second long animated introduction films.  Also were we in charge of designing the look and playing back of all additional content shown during the award ceremony at the event.

Complex topics presented in a simple way

For the Houska Award we need to dive into the nominated projects. We work together with the research teams to fully understand the most important facts about their work. This knowledge is important to create the easy to understand introduction films. Based on the scripts we create storyboards and design simple illustrations and animations that emphasize the meaning of the project. To also introduce the people behind the projects to the audience we include scenes of their every-day life at the labs and offices in the beginning of each film.

Our established workflow makes it possible to produce ten of these informative and memorable films within just 6-8 weeks time. They are not only made for the event, but are also put on the official Houska Award Youtube channel. The research groups often use those links to later on give a brief and informative introduction to their field of work.

Here are all 10 nominee introductions of 2014:

Hard work presented in a festive way

Working in research is a tedious and long process. So being nominated for the Houska Award should also give the research groups a festive way to feel appreciated by the public. The second time in a row the Houska Award was held at Metastadt in Vienna, a location in the need of big media screens so all the guests can experience the show perfectly. Based on the design of the prior year we adopted the look to the new setting. In VVVV we created a generative background visuals and the entire programming of the show. For the keyvisual we created the different color schemes that each indicated a different part of the event. A bright and friendly setting was used for the welcoming and keynote speech. A subtle and darker blue helped the nominee presentation films to pop and draw the audiences attention to what’s essential. For the actual award ceremony the content was colored in a festive gold. All those color schemes were accompanied by a synchronized light show that we set up with our AV provider.

After the award ceremony guests sat down for a gala dinner. During that time the screens showed pictures of the research groups in their labs as well as a audio-reactive background visuals.

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  • Client B&C Privatstiftung
  • Agency Büro Hirzberger
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • Project Manager Gregor Tobeitz
  • VVVV Programmer Thomas Hitthaler, Robi Hammerle
  • Motion Designers Stefan Salcher, Martin Lorenz, Markus Wagner, Dalia Kemeklyte

Additional Credits

  • Video Production Support Groox & Mediasquad