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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Vienne donne le ton

Interactive Audiovisual Installation

To promote the city of Vienna as an attractive travel destination, the Vienna Tourist Board keeps organizing exceptional media installations at prominent and highly frequented spots in the international cities. Strukt was hired to realize the idea of putting a piano together with a pianist on the wall. The result should be an exhibit with an intuitive interface, installed at Gare de Lyon in Paris, the perfect location to reach many people.

A 4x4x4 meter big cube built the frame for a LED-wall, on which a hollowed piano-body was mounted with a custom-made mounting-device. Travelers in the train station were able to use eight piano keys, installed on the floor, to play the piano. When they hit the right melody, the pianist appears on the LED-wall, takes a seat behind the piano and starts to play the musical piece.

For the roll out we had to consider the challenging conditions at site. The hardware had to withstand the numerous users and meet fire regulations. Therefore the base was milled out of aluminium, the piano keys were made out of Corian and the letters were acrylic glas. Furthermore the letters were illuminated internally, to give also a visual feedback, when the piano keys were being played. The piano body was a light weight construction based on plans of Bösendorfer piano manufacturer.

  • WT_Paris_Klavier_1
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We also were responsible for the production of the used video footage. The top down view of the pianists playing the piano required a very high studio that also offered good acoustic quality. The shot footage was later on color corrected and implemented into our VVVV programme running the installation.

  • Paris Klavier Doku -12
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On client’s request we supervised the set-up in Paris as well. We made sure all the partners created the installation just as planned.

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  • Client Wien Tourismus
  • Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
  • Pianists Marlene Felsner und Stephan Möller
  • Project Manager Thomas Hitthaler
  • Audio Recording Wolfgang Krsek
  • Video Recording Gregor Hofbauer at Noisia Studios Pressbaum
  • Programmer Achim Stromberger