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Strukt Portfolio: Event & Show Design

World Nutrition Forum 2014

Event design

Every other year Biomin, a global player in animal nutrition based in Austria, hosts the World Nutrition Forum as a platform for international exchange between livestock breeders. Since we were responsible for the entire design and stage composition of the event taking place in Singapore in 2012, we again created visuals for the event in 2014 in Munich.

sustain:ability for the whole world

The topic of 2014 was sustain:ability – a globally relevant keyword, which concerns everyone.
Therefore the key visual was combined with a group of international actors. They held the linking role of diverse topics in the event’s opening film, as well as between presentations and panel discussions as part of the on-canvas stage composition.

Keyvisual- and media-evolution

The „Biomin ball“ was an evolution of the keyvisuals from 2012. Back then circular elements built the creative main component. This time we integrated real people, that is why we decided to give the keyvisual a third dimension as well. Inside the „Biomin ball“ different topics were placed.

The keyvisual was not only used on stage, but based on our design manual, also adapted by the internal graphic department of Biomin for several applications like water bottles, various banners, clothes and badges.

The animated key visual was flexible in size and liveliness. In this way it could be used for seamless transitions between dramaturgically integrated tasks of the ball and subtle backdrops for presentations.
This was realized through a realtime 3D-system in VVVV that staged the ball using different camera positions in a virtual space.

  • Buehne_web
  • GH__1310_web
  • GH__1334_web
  • GH__1413_web
  • GH__1707_web
  • GH__1718_web
  • GH__1737_web
  • GH__1770_web
  • GH__1818_web
  • GH__1825_web

The media-playout in a 4k resolution required an innovative approach production-wise, meaning pushing nowadays available production-techniques to its limits. The actors were captured in 4K-resolution, so further content could be put in front and back. The 4k-workflow was also used for all other pre-produced videos which were shown during the event, as for example the opening film itself or the traditional „energizer“-moment in the morning of the second conference day. Supported by a live-brass-band the international audience experienced Bavaria’s diversity through a virtual ride from the Bavarian Alps to the ICM, where the event took place.

Still frames from the opening film:

  • WNF2014_opener_Still_01
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_02
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_03
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_04
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_05
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_06
  • WNF2014_opener_Still_07

Presenting vital content optically appealing

An important task was the rework of the two keynote presentations held by Erich Erber (Chairman Erber AG) and Mike Eder (CEO Biomin USA). After a rough content-based draft of the two presentations, we optimized both of them dramaturgically and content-wise. Furthermore we complemented the results with appealingly styled presentation slides using carefully selected footage and especially created illustrations and animations. The outcome was a clearly distinctive presentation that succeeded in an entertaining and memorable way of content mediation.



  • Client Biomin Holding GmbH
  • Creative Director Gregor Hofbauer
  • Project Manager Gregor Tobeitz
  • Art Director Iris Wieder
  • Animators Dalia Kemeklyte, Iris Wieder, Gregor Hofbauer
  • Programmer Robi Hammerle