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Strukt Portfolio: Interactive Installations

Love Sequence

Media Art Installation in a public space

Media Art Installation in a public space

The idea behind the temporary intervention by Wolfgang Tragseiler was to put randomly choosen couples, out of strangers, who pass by into a romantic scenery à la Hollywood production. Two thermal imaging cameras observed the segment of the Maria Theresien Street in Innsbruck. Through the distinct difference between body temperature and of the surroundings, the technique functioned reliably, even from great distance. The trackingsystem, coded by strukt, “waited” until two persons walked towards each other and started the Love Sequence:

Four spotlights were activated and moved to the exact position of the two protagonists and then followed them. A specially composed piece of music, whichs intensity increased with advancing proximity of the strangers, underlined the romantic scenery.  Shortly before the two protagonists meet, the staging stops. Silence and darkness return.


The grand feeling that is suggested in the beginning creates an excessive utopia. This way the gap between reality and fiction was emphasized.

For a more detailed description about the artist’s intention visit this link.

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  • Client Wolfgang Tragseiler
  • Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
  • Programming Achim Stromberger, Lukas Seiler
  • Technical Support Concept Solutions