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Strukt Visual Network


The current formation of Strukt Studio and Strukt Network emerged out of an initiative of designers that formed during our studies of MultiMediaArt in Salzburg and Kunstuniversität Linz. A lot of very charming, motivated and talented people were involved in this project: the founders of Strukt in 2002 were Andreas Koller, Doris Prlic, Gregor Hofbauer, Michael Hausberger, Johannes Löberbauer, Marlene Lukas and Hannes Siengalewicz.

Strukt Design Magazine


As Strukt Visual Network we published three issues of our own print design magazine focused on new trends in graphic design, photography and typography beween 2002 and 2004. Issues 1-3 are still available on request. The german magazine Novum World of Graphic Design wrote in 2003: “We are not aware of any comparable ambitious compilations by students about young graphic design.”

Strukt Design Compilation #1 – Confusion

Strukt Design Compilation #2 – Fact Follows Fiction

Strukt Design Compilation #3 – Phantoms And Shadows

These activities led to the foundation of Strukt Studio in Vienna in October 2007. The Strukt Network is now a pool of companies and freelancers that are our partners when dealing with large-scale projects.